Bottoms up

Let me paint last night's scene for you:

Day:  July 14th, 2010.  Evening.  Stifling hot.

Setting:  W. Lafayette, IN.  Backyard-slash-jungle.  Hammock.  Sadly, there is no sign of a refreshing pool.

Dinner:  A beer* and baked beans straight from their family-sized can.  Not heated, not cooled, just straight.

Me:  Lying in the hammock in red high school football shorts and a green bikini top circa 1992.  Munching on my baked beans and sipping some beer.

You may find yourself wondering how I became so glamorous...  I often wonder this myself.
No, this isn't my hammock. I just wanted you to think 
the phrase "banana hammock" today.

*It wasn't actually a beer, but a Woodchuck. Beer paints a better picture though.