might as well

I don't usually like 'real' things in my blog but it's Sunday so I thought I might as well preach.

To all the kids who "are just different" - typically the weird ones grow up to lead more interesting lives anyways. So keep an open mind and stay true to yourself. Once you can love yourself and start filling your own mold, you'll realize others' opinions and expectations don't matter so much. In the end you'll be fulfilled and happy, unlike the jerks attempting to build self-confidence by insulting others.

And to the jerks: work to get over your issues. And open your eyes. The world and humanity have so much weird and beautiful and amazing to offer, but you'll miss most of it if you let prejudices blind you.

It always shocks me to hear of ppl hurting others based on differences. Differences keep the world interesting. Without them we're all the same; and the same gets monotonous. But we get uncomfortable when someone pushes our boundaries or rearranges our system. We strike out because we don't want to admit our discomfort or challenge our mentality.

Maybe if we embrace the discomforts and put them out there, honest and vulnerable, we'll have an easier time at addressing and growing past them. Maybe honesty, love, and receptiveness - from all sides - are the way to go.

Now there's an idea.


She does exist!

Yes, I'm still around. Actually still around and without much changed, i.e. no excuse for the recent posting-hiatus. Except for a bad case of writer's block that was delivered straight from the demons' hands of Land of Lame. I'm sitting at the same computer, in the same house and town, and w/ a job disturbingly similar to the woes of graduate research. Except much more enjoyable because I get to leave it all after 8 hours, and at the end of each week I get two f r e e days. Research free. Research-thinking free. Research-worrying free. Fantastic.

But apparently I have EVEN less inspiration for writing. I blame this on two things:  1. I graduated and thus have no more graduate-school angst to draw from. 2. I'm reading "On Writing Well," which is really an incredible book. W. Zinsser makes reading about writing (but excludes arithmetic*) actually entertaining. I look forward to reading it and have learned a lot. So a great experience, except...now I'm afraid to write. Because it will suck. And be too wordy. And there's already enough suck-y, wordy crap out there so why add more? Well because I can. And because I need practice writing something people may actually read (that's what makes it scary).

But that's enough for today.

The title's an M&M commercial reference, btw:

*Zing! This had me cracking up. And then I added the "zing;" it's nearly too much.