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 LoosenMyTie originated as a task of procrastination during my long jaunt in graduate school.  It took shape as a creative outlet when I should have only been writing about subjects like science and statistics.  It also provided (and still does) me with an outlet to release the inner demons that resulted from feeling lost in life, not being able to find purpose in my current situation, and being a bit over-dramatic.  And if you take time to read my earliest posts, you'll notice that they fittingly represent these feelings, as they are riddled with a bit too much drama, hopelessness, and angst.

The focus of LMT is...well, there isn't one.  I've read this is a definite no-no, for a blog not to have a focus; but for now the focus is me doing whatever I want.  So there.

But if you need a comprehensive list:  I have, and will, blogged about headlines that catch my eye, people that catch my eye, music (lots and lots of music), shenanigans, relationships, drinking too much, arguing with food, exercising (esp. running and yoga because they're magical), traveling, fashion, dreaming, achieving, dancing enthusiastically yet poorly, religion, cultures, your mom, and taking every possible chance to loosen my tie.  Which brings me to the subject of this page:  What is LoosenMyTie?

LMT is loosening your tie after a hard day at work.  Whether the boss man was a bit of an ass.  Or the cubicle talk was a bit too redundant, and the coffee still tasted like dirt.  Or maybe you finally nailed your presentation skillz and WOWed the company big-wigs with your charisma and shmarts.  Or you've been worked to the bone and you finally got that much-deserved (if a bit tardy) promotion.  Whatever it is, doesn't it feel great to get home and loosen that tie (or slip off those heels, ladies), fall into relaxation mode, and let out a sigh of relief or success (whichever applies at the time)?  And now you get to stop kissing your boss's arse and do whatever it is you wish to do:  veg out on the couch, play outside, get naked (admit it, it feels good to get out of that suit), go to art/dance/cooking/kung fu/pilates class, play fetch with the dog (or kids), or, yes, even read this blog.

LMT is also loosening your tie and rolling up your sleeves before really stickin' it to the man.  It's going against the crowd, finding your own path, and giving the finger to whoever looks at you funny because of it.  Whatever rebelling means to you, that's it.  You can sport that outfit you bought months ago but tucked away in the closet because you couldn't foresee your friends' reactions (which will be ones of jealousy, I assure you).  You can quit your corporate job, and loosen that tie for good, so you have more time to open up the art studio you've always wanted.  Or you can stay in that job, and become the successful mama-jama you always knew you would be.  You can go sky-diving, learn to surf, sing in public, write a poem, start a band, become a protester, ask out your crush, run for office, ride your bike to work, give the homeless man a hug, wear a big hat, or sell your belongings and move to Djibouti.  Whatever you always find yourself daydreaming, you should do it.  Because, why not?

Plus, "loosening your tie and slipping into something a bit more comfortable" sounds kind of sexy, and its fun to say suggestive things out of context.

So that's LMT.  Of course, it's all of those things in reference to me and my opinions, thus you may find times when you don't relate.  Sorry.  If you want to though, please, keep reading and put in your two cents - comments are always welcome!  But if I've already bored you, then by all means move on and don't suffer through any more of my ramblings.  And, of course, have a fabulous day and keep that tie loose.

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