Jay Z says it'll make me feel brand new

New York, that is.  The Mama, sister, and I are headed that way this weekend.  Ignore the composed use of periods, I'm very excited. (!!)

I'm trying to play it cool but the truth is I'm a bit worried.  See, I've developed this self-deception that I'm quite the fashionista here in the Midwest.  Charming, chic, and fierce are adjectives I readily use to describe myself.*  Fact of the matter is, I'm afraid those suave NY'ers are going to serve me up a dose of reality with a smack of fabulous shoes and haircuts square to the face.  The angst of it has me practically chewing my nails and rocking autistically.

So I decided I needed to demonstrate my class and convince you all (because, obviously, my 2 readers are in NY right now) of my stately style.  To do so I have composed this photo:

Ah, and I've succeeded at amusing myself again.  You're welcome for sharing this exemplary artwork with you.

One last thing, because Frank is the man:

*I hope you're comprehending the sarcasm here.


that's Ms Master if ya nasty!

That's right, defense - check. I can now sign all my thank-you notes as:  Name, M.Sc.  If I was prone to d-baggery that is.  But it is quite awesome to be done.  And the night of my success was celebrated w/ friends while sporting my brand new t-shirt created by a fabulous lovie:

 "That's MS Master if ur NASTY"

That's a Janet reference if you didn't catch it:

And of course the back:

 "ANSC Hottie"

"ANSC" is acronym for Animal Sciences because that's what my degree is in. We embrace our nerdiness to its very core. And of course "Hottie" is acronym for me. ...Ha. Hahaha. Sigh, I love when I crack myself up.

As you can imagine, there was a whole lot of this:
"No my name ain't baby. It's Stacey. Ms Masta if ya nasty!"
as the night and gin-induced haze became thicker.

Obviously I now have too much time on my hands, allowing my to tinker with my webcam. It's unfortunate that after all that tinkering I was still unable to take a decent photo...  Alright, gotta go get my nasty groove on.



Write thesis - check.  (Please, hold the applause.)

Which got me thinking:  In a month's time, I'm not going to be a student anymore.  Huh...

Which got me thinking:  WTF am I going to be when I grow up?

So here are my top 5 (not in any particular order, although dancer is prob at the top...obviously I'm not taking a realistic stance here):

1.  A dancer - contemporary, hip hop, jazz, pop and lockin', So You Think You Can Dance-style.

2.  A rock star - KOL, Andrew Bird, TVOTR, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Killers, Animal Collective, Feist-style.

3.  A professional activist - not the kind that just holds the picket signs and yells absurdities while tied to a tree; the bad-assery kind that actually gets things done, i.e. Harvey Milk-style or MLK, Jr.-style

4.  A nomad -                                                        ...I don't have an example for this one

5.  An author - honest, intelligent, eye opening, made me laugh, made me cry, didn't want it to end-style

Decisions, decisions.