tiny biceps, chicken legs, and bad bangs

But beautiful bass, scintillating lyrics, unadulterated guitar, seductive drumming, and an oh-so-savory voice... Man, I heart them.

Some more old school KOL:

Love love the vibe of this video - Caleb's Farrah-hair and the constant color blocks, this one's definitely for you hipsters on your 70's hand-me-down couch, too cool for school, tokin' it up and passing the Doritos. (yes, i did just use 'vibe' and 'tokin' it up' in a sentence)

Cue some more current KOL (minus the bad bangs):
Not better, not worse, just different.

One more, for the crazy eyes:

Le sigh 

And this is why I want to Bonnaroo..
Cause I like to dance all night (it summons the day)

But... that's how I play
    Yeah, that's how I play

I said who are you?  ... Don't matter who you are - cause We dance all night and dance all day
 (re: Manhattan)
(I know, I'm lame...I could do this all day though)

i need some bonnaroo in my life

That's all...just expressing my yearning to live in puddles of filth and harmonies for a weekend.

Virtuoso artists on my list?
KOL (of course)
The Temper Trap
Stevie Wonder
Norah Jones
Regina Spektor
Avett Bros
Zac Brown Band
Gaslight Anthem
Nitty Gritty Dirtband
Miranda Lambert
Manchester Orchestra
Cross Canadian Ragweed

I could always go for a little Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, TVOTR, Andrew Bird, and Bloc Party as well. I'll just hope the Bonnaroo planning committee happens to read this post and takes it to heart..

Bonnaroo-bound 2010?...


going exinct..

So I've been blog-surfing lately (a sport much less thrilling than surf-surfing, but much more conducive to Indiana), and have noticed the bounty of blogs focused on families and children and pregnancies. Apparently making your own batch of humans is a big deal. I think I missed the train though, probably didn’t make it to the platform.

I almost (but not quite) feel as though my DNA is missing a link somewhere that tells me to succeed reproductively and procreate. - Hmm, maybe this is an example of natural selection taking control... That's an unfortunate thought regarding the awesomeness of my genotype though, so I'm just going to ignore it. - I currently have no interest in being a part of the propagation of my or my family's genes. And, really, I just can't quite empathize with other people's propagation adventures. I try to imagine myself in their place - "Happy in life as a mom and a wife!" (read that in a blog today) - but I usually get distracted by a shiny object and accidentally find my mind wandering off-trail from family planning and on-trail to adventures that will inevitably leave me poor and w/ a broken appendage.

Luckily I have siblings to carry on the family name while I'm busy playing. Maybe that's the secret of all the extinct species, they were actually the ones having all the fun (unfortunately 'were' is the key word here..).


my ever-evolving reading list

Books I've bought and have yet to finish (If crossed out, they've been conquered.):
Look Me in the Eye: My Life w/ Asperger's, John Elder Robinson - brilliance and honesty; an inspiration
Three Cups of Tea, Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin
The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin (...I know, it's despicable that I haven't read this yet..)
Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, Michael Behe
In a Sunburned Country, Bill Bryson - hilarious and fantastic adventure in a laid-back land
Last Chance to See, Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine - entertaining, humorous, and despairing look into man's mark on nature
the Bible, many authors and editors.. (this is an ongoing endeavor)
A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson
The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat: And Other Clinical Tales, Oliver Sacks 
Physics of the Impossible, Michio Kaku

Books to buy (and obviously read):
A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail, Bill Bryson
Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith, Anne Lamott
Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality, Donald Miller
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life, Donald Miller
Angry Conversations w/ God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir, Susan E. Isaacs
Notes from a Small Island, Bill Bryson
Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe, Bill Bryson
The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-town America, Bill Bryson
I'm a Stranger Here Myself, Bill Bryson
Finding Darwin's God: A Scientists' Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution, Kenneth R Miller
The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins
There is a God: How the World's Most Notorious Atheist Changed His Mind, Roy A Varghese and Antony Flew
The Language of God: A Scientist Presensts Evidence for Belief, Francis S. Collins
The Man with a Shattered World, A. R. Luria
Just Don't Fall, Josh Sundquist

If you have any input on the lameness or awesomeness of these books, or suggestions - feel free to comment


this thesis won't write itself

And alas, neither will a blog.  Apologies to each of my two loyal readers, I'm going to continue to be a bit of a slacker with posts through April.  Of course, if you are actually a loyal reader you already know I'm a slacker and rarely post anyways...such is the life of one living in the likes of W Lafayette and writing a thesis - little material to blog about and increasingly less and less time to procrastinate.

Come back later though, once I've successfully muddled through this task, I have big adventures in sight...!