Tuesday Tunage

Everything about Lana Del Rey oozes sex. Delicate, cocaine-ravaged sex.


05.05.2013 interval run playlist

I use this playlist for interval runs. I actually hate doing planned runs so typically I just don’t. But I should. With a good playlist, I can change my intensity with a rawkin' song rather than mere force of will. The beauty of this is, as I get in better shape, I can find more places to throw in sprint intervals. Also, the timing of my intervals depends on how I’m presently feeling each song. So every run varies and my body doesn't acclimate to a set workout.

Have an idea beforehand of how many intervals you want to do, as well as an average length for them. Then just feel out the songs. Change your intensity accordingly and get in all your sprints. Kick your own ass. It feels good to work hard.

53:34 minutes

Warm up

Artist                                 Title                                Length     Album  
Lupe Fiasco                         Superstar                         4:49          Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool
Boy                                    Little Numbers                  3:42          Mutual Friends


LMFAO                               Party Rock Anthem           4:22          Sorry for Party Rockin’
Cold War Kids                      Hang Me Up to Dry           3:39          Robbers & Cowards
Florence + the Machine       Shake It Out                     4:38          Ceremonials
Weeks                                Buttons                           5:17          Comeback Cadillac
Macklemore & Lewis            Can’t Hold Us                   4:19          The Heist

You better be speeding up for “Can’t Hold Us.” Like, for reals speeding up.
2 minutes in: tired yet? Me too. Run faster.

M83                                   Midnight City                   4:05          Midnight City
Macklemore & Lewis            White Walls                     3:40          The Heist
Florence + the Machine       Dog Days Are Over            4:13          Lungs

“Dog Days Are Over” is your last speedwork song so kick it in! Throw in some sprints – Building with the claps, maxed out on the chorus, then rein it back until the next claps. That means you’ll have 3 sprints with teeny rests between. Go with the song, you’ll hear it.

Walk off the Earth               Magic                              3:36

You just kicked so much ass w/ your sprints. Slow down here w/ WOTE and bask in your sweaty splendor. Feel that? - it’s magic.

Walk it out/stretch

Muse                                  Feeling Good                   3:19          Origin of Symmetry
Chromatics                          At Your Door                   3:53           Kill for Love