this Yank is headin' 'cross the big sea

In T minus 11 days I will alight in London. Prepare the landing strip, Redcoats, this American girl is coming to take back the city.

No, that was a bit extreme, I'm just going for a bit of a visit w/ a friend ( :) <- that's a smile for said friend upon me using the word "friend" to describe him. :), there's another one.). Admittedly, I believe my fam is a bit sussed by this whole escapade w/ a new friend of the male gender; but I'm sure that ordeal'll get sorted before all goes squiffy.

Anyroad, I've been talking of a much-needed vacay for a good while now, so I've decided to quit being all mouth and no trousers, and head on out. So stay tuned for some stories, as I fancy to meet some interesting blokes and birds. And if you're lucky, perhaps I'll come back w/ a wee bobbin for ya.

(And if you're already sick of, what I'm sure is, my very annoying and American-ized attempt at British slang then you should prob just disregard the coming blog or two.)


Glory Days

I ignore my soul's inquiries,
And start down the path you have set.
My feet are blistered, my knees scarred,
And where are you to help me up?

Starved of my own avidity,
I glut myself with your ambitions.
My body gags at the purging,
My betraying mind discounts my efforts.

I shake hands
I smile
I talk in your words

I tear apart
I crumble
I lie to the world

Peeled back my skin with knives of glory,
I've put on the faces you've approved.
But the phantom pain has not faded,
It's time to find a face of my own.

The stakes you've laid have deserted me,
Ripped from my bones to leave them in shreds.
Fragments left for welding together,
A composition distinct of your will.

I've been directed
I've followed
I've nodded my head

I'll break free
I'll abandon
I'll finally assail